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Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas: The best Gentlemen’s strip club in Las Vegas

Looking for the perfect venue for your bachelor parties in Vegas? Or are you looking to entertain VIP guests to close a deal? Or do you just want to spend one hell of a party with your friends? If the answer to any of these questions is a resounding Yes, then you will never go wrong with Vegas’ most popular las vegas strip club, Crazy Horse 3


Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas hosts some of the most out-of-this world strip dances and parties that you have never seen before. Hot dancers? Check! Drinks? Check! VIP rooms? Check! Good food? Check!


Here at Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas, we have everything fixed for you. You will enjoy a real and top-notch strip club experience from start to finish.

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas Operating Hours and Additional Info;

  • Music : Open format / House music is usually Hip-hop and Top 40 charts
  • Dancers: At least 8 out of 10 to make room for improvement, but we dare you to rate it yourselves and see if they will get an 8.
  • Bottle Prices : $$$$$
  • Operating Hours: Monday – Sunday, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Busiest Hours : 7pm – 3am daily
  • Recommended time to visit : Monday to Friday (Weekday Industry Nights)
  • What makes us unique : 35,000 Sq. Ft. of lavish interior, Multiple Stages, and a legitimate sushi chef on staff.

Our Location

  • Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 is located at the southern most end of the entire Last Vegas Strip, at the southwest portion of Mandalay Bay. Take note that it is not to be mistaken with Crazy Horse II which has been closed down for several years now.
  • If you are tourist that isn’t familiar with the area, Crazy Horse III’s exact address is at 3525 W Russell Rd, Las Vegas, NV 89118. It’s west of the McCarran Airport and south of the major hotels such as MGM. If you are staying in this area, Crazy Horse III is just a 10-15 minute drive.
  • And even if you are staying in the nearby Mandalay Bay, we would strongly advise against walking as not only it destroys your VIP image, the area is also not suitable for walking and you can get lost.

Never take Uber, Lyft or Taxis

When going to strip clubs in Las Vegas, never ever take taxis, Uber or Lyft. Drivers will sometimes lie to you about how far and busy the road to strips club are and might scam you with a huge charge of about $70-80 for the trip. This is one of their sketchy business tricks, so best to avoid them while you’re at it.

Choose Our Free Limo Pickup To Get To Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas

The best way to arrive hassle-free and with style and class to Crazy Horse III is through our complementary Free limo pickup and VIP waived admission when you book our two drink entry package. To enjoy this free limo pickup, you will have to buy two drink tickets at door for a total of $40 with all taxes and fees included.

This entry package includes your transportation, drinks for the night and your cover charges which usually costs around $50-60 per person.

For reservations and other information, call us!

The entrance to Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3

VIP Waived Admission

Aside from the waived cover, you can easily avoid the lines outside with our entry package. Crazy Horse VIP Hosts will be waiting at the door for you when you arrive to escort you and your party inside.

Free Return Ride is also Included in the Package

Included in our two drink package is a complimentary return home ride, although it is only available until 3am. So make sure to make preparations beforehand to avoid being stuck during peak hours where every limo is either already booked or unavailable.

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas Entry Package – 2 Drinks Package

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas is the only strip club in Las Vegas that doesn’t confuse you with many entry packages. Crazy Horse III has only one main entry package and that is by buying two drink tickets. Fees for this package are paid either by cash or credit card at the door when you arrive in the strip club.

For more information and reservations, you can call us at anytime!

For only $40, you will be able to enjoy VIP service that is worth hundreds of dollars, not to mention the wasted time and hassle that you will be able to avoid with our package all for the price of two drink tickets. Furthermore, the drink tickets can be used for any of the premium cocktails and beers in the strip club.

Are the Seats Included?

You might be surprised to discover that premium seats in the bar are included with our two drinks package. Yes, you read that right. You will have the best seats and VIP tables compared to those who didn’t take advantage of the two drink entry package.

These seats are first come first serve and are sometimes full during fight nights and holidays. Other than the peak days, these VIP seating and tables are usually available anytime of the day.

The VIP Tables in Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3

Bottle Service

There isn’t much money value to booking and reserving bottle service in Crazy Horse III as the two drink entry package is always more than enough to fill up your night. Aside from that, VIP seating and tables are included in the package. Thus, there is no reason for you to plan ahead regarding your bottle service.

Just get the two drink entry package and you will be set.

Here is where the magical lap dances and private sessions happen

Crazy Horse III Bottle Package

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas doesn’t focus on amazing bottle packages as compared to its competitor, Sapphire, as it really doesn’t much add to the experience. Thus, Crazy Horse III will only have the standard bottle pricing once you get there.

Although, if you really want to insist, we highly recommend getting the two-drink entry package and buying more once you get there. Standard prices of bottles are around $500 per bottle and we require groups of 3-4 persons to have 1 bottle.

For more information, call or text us ahead so we can update you with the latest discounts, promos and deals.

Everyday Specials

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas offers a variety of everyday specials. These specials vary month to month and events and season. Discounted foods, drinks and bottles are included in these specials.

There are deals where you can enjoy up 50% discount on bottle service. However, these are only offered to you once you arrive in the strip club.

Lastly, Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 has staple daily happy hour from 12pm to 9pm. Included in the daily happy hour is a mix and match of beers for $20 each.

Unforgettable Bachelor Parties

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas was rated as one of the best las vegas strip clubs but also the whole of the United States of America.

You can never go wrong and send off your best friends with the best and most unforgettable StripClubs Las Vegas bachelor parties ever. We highly recommended taking advantage of the VIP entry package to fully experience the best bachelor party.

Contact us for more information about our special bachelor party deals.

Bachelor Party Deals

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas offers bachelor party deals from time to time. So it’s best to contact us ahead at 702-755-1766 for pricing and other information on any given night.

When available, Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas bachelor party deal includes;

  • Free transportation to and from the strip club
  • Skip the line and free admission club (VIP treatment worth $120)
  • Access to VIP seatings with the most complete view of the dances and entertainment shows.
  • Choose one bottle with full service plus unlimited soda and juice mixers worth $995
  • Choose one premium bottle of vodka, rum, tequila, champagne or gin

The only difference with the standard two drink entry package and the bachelor party deal are the premium bottles of your choice. However, just imagine enjoying the other benefits for only $40. Sounds like a great deal right?

Inside Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 where you can enjoy your bachelor parties and live viewing of sporting events

UFC and other Sport Events Viewing Parties

What makes Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas a top strip club in the country is that it offers other activities other than the usual dancing and stripping which is found on most clubs.

Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 offers live viewing parties for UFC and other Sports events. With their 24 Ultra HD widescreen monitors, you will surely be able to have a blast watching these events along with your friends and other guests. Furthermore, Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas also has 5 fully stocked VIP bars with a full staff ready to serve you at anytime.

Schedule of Events


Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas also sponsors different kinds of sport events. And special promos and gigs usually come along with these events. Check with their Twitter account to get you updated on upcoming sporting events.


We strongly recommend you take advantage of the standard two drink VIP entry package to make most out of the experience. Call us anytime for bookings and reservations at 702-755-1766.


Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas Review 

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas is located in a 35,000 sq. ft spacious area filled with luxurious amenities, and of course, the hottest strippers.

The strip club is divided into the main floor and the central live stage. As for VIP rooms, there are 4 separate private rooms designed to maximize intimate experience with our strippers.

Main Floor

Entering the Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas, you will immediately be greeted by a large performance stage with several poles in the centre. Surrounding this stage are multiple VIP tables.

To the right then is a large central bar which forms the center of attraction along with the main stage of the Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3.

The small lounge beside that bar where you can have private and intimate sessions with our strippers

Beside the bar, there is a separate small lounge area. That is the place where you can choose your ideal strippers and spend intimate time with them.

Expert Concierge Tip: Give a humble tip of about $20-40 dollars to the VIP Host in the area and they will be very happy to the find the perfect girl for you and be your wingman in the introductions.

Live Stage

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas main attractions happen in this area. The two main stages are filled with multiple strippers dancing during peak hours. They even have acrobatics and other entertaining stunts incorporated in their routines that will certainly make the experience more exciting.

However, even with the spacious area, there will always be times where Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 VIP tables will be full. Thus, we recommend you to arrive early to take advantage of the best seats.

The main stage in the blalbla

The Girls

While being pretty is already a given, you will find the girls in Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas as very friendly, caring and spontaneous talkers.

The girls’ line-up in Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3

As for the body types and personalities of Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas strippers. You will find a variety of them such as the girl next door types, punk or gothic type or the petite and cute types.

As of now, there are about 200 strippers that are currently employed by Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas, so you’ll definitely be able to find your type!

Lap Dances

Lap dances in Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas some of the best you’ll get in Las Vegas Strip Clubs. For only $20, you will get to experience a breathtaking lap dance.

You can ask for a lap dance in the main floor or the four VIP rooms in the Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3.

VIP Room

For more serious and intimate sessions with the girl of your choice, you can choose one of our VIP rooms. And of course, the pricing in these rooms are slightly higher, but we guarantee that it will all be worth it.

Standard VIP rooms come with several couches and booths, while our private VIP rooms have more to offer which you definitely need to see for yourself.

Pricing of VIP Rooms

  • Standard VIP Room with 3 songs : $100 plus minimum 2 purchase of drinks ($20 each)
  • ½ Hour: $200 inclusive of 2 drinks ($20 each)
  • 1 Hour : $400 inclusive of 4 drinks ($20 each)
  • Private VIP room (1 on 1) for 1 Hour : $500 plus bottle purchase of $500

With different packages, you will be able to enjoy VIP rooms depending on your budget. Although, always remember that you can always get an amazing lap dance for $20.

Video Tour

Food Options

One of the reasons why Crazy Horse 3 StripsClubs Las Vegas is among the best strip clubs in the country is because of their food. They have a legitimate sushi shef in their staff along with other experienced and highly skilled cooks.


Contrary to common knowledge, sushi is a very popular food especially in Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3.

If you still have doubts about it, then we strongly advise you to give it a shot and see for yourself why Sushi is a staple of Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3. Entrees are priced at $15-20 per roll since they are made by a legitimate sushi chef.

Bar and Bottle Menu

If sushi is just not your thing for the night, you can always ask the bartender for a menu. The cooks in Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas are extremely skilled and can create delicious meals for your group.

While ordering is done in the bar area, you can always ask for a menu in the VIP area and ask them to bring your food to your tables.

Smoke: Cigars, etc.

For smoking breaks, you can always ask for a list of their top shelf cigars. Everything from full strength down to the medium and low are included in the menu.

The best seller in the Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas is the Macanudo Phillip which comes in either mild, smooth or tasty.


For Hookah sessions, Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 offers 10 different flavours. Just ask one of the staff to bring it to you if you are staying in a VIP table or room.

Checklist before going to Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3

Dress code in Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3

  • Hats are not allowed
  • Slippers, Sandals, Flip flops are not allowed
  • Baggy, Loose and Sweatshirts are not allowed
  • Shorts of any kind are not allowed

For more information about Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas dress code, you can click here.

The Best Deal:





Price for 1 minute

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2 Drink Package


·         FREE Limo Pick-Up

·         2 Premium Drink Tickets

·         FREE Cover ($50-60 Value)

·         VIP “Skip the Line” Entry ($40 Value)

·         Return Ride (Before 3am)

Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas Concierge’s Expert Tips:

  • Proper Etiquette : While in the Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas, it is only proper that you avail yourselves of the lap dances or buy additional drinks as a form of patronage. There are over 200 girls scattered around the place, so giving tips to dancers and some of the VIP Hosts is also a good sign of appreciation. Do not just binge on the free entertainment.
  • Pre-game strategy : For tight budgets, you can always drink prior to your VIP limo pick-up and then use the $20 per person ticket to get yourself in the right zone of drunkenness. But of course, you can always buy more drinks for additional $20 per drink.
  • No rush : While some of the girls and entertainers will tease you with their cute smiles and sexy dances for you to buy a lap dance, you can choose to start slow and politely decline them saying that you just arrived and you want to take your time.
  • Avoid Taxis, Uber and Lyft: We would really like to emphasize not to take taxis, uber and Lyft in going to strip clubs. They will scam you and charge you with huge costs. The VIP package with free limo service is always the best choice for you.
  • Bring Cash : Withdrawals in strip clubs charge a hefty fee of about $10-20 per withdrawal. Furthermore, they will also charge for breaking your bills into 1 dollars. Thus, try to bring cash and a lot of dollar bills before going to Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas.


  • Overall, Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas can be easily your top pick if you’re looking for hot girls, heart-pumping dances, entertaining performances and intimate sessions all in one place. Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Crazy Horse 3 has it all for you.
  • Furthermore, with professional and highly experience staffs on board, your strip club experience will never be like before.
  • So for your bachelor parties, all guys pack secret outing, UFC and other Sports events viewing parties, spend them on Crazy Horse 3 StripClubs Las Vegas.
  • Call us anytime and book your Crazy Horse III VIP party package today with free limo service.

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