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Gentlemen’s StripClubs Las Vegas Full Review

If you are staying in Las Vegas and haven’t heard of the Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas, then you are missing out on one of the best club experiences in the city.

Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas largest strip club and definitely the most popular one.

Sapphire club is sitting on a 70,000 sq. Ft. piece of land that is full of amenities such as pools, stages, lounges, a full bar and of course, countless Private VIP booths and rooms.

If you are planning on making the most out of your Vegas trip, then visiting the infamous Sapphire club should be at the top of your list.

Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas’ amazing interior, lounge, karaoke bar and VIP booths

Opening Hours and Other Info

  • Opening Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Peak Hours: 8pm – 2am
  • Peak Days: Fridays and Saturdays
  • Club Music : Hip-Hop and Top 40
  • Bottle Service price : $-$$$
  • Quality of Entertainment : 8 out of 10
  • Redeeming features : Largest space of any other Las Vegas Strip Club (70,000 sq. Ft.), Countless VIP rooms and booths, Lots of Titties

Location of Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas

Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas is located in the middle of the Las Vegas strip and Downtown area just a block away from the Industrial road. While the area is generally lively and accessible, walking to the club isn’t the best and ideal way of going to the club.

3025 Sammy Davis Jr. Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109.

The best way to go the Sapphire club is through the club’s exclusive free limousine service that will pick you up from your hotels and deliver you the club in style and luxury.

Free Limousine pick-up

Unfortunately, any tourist spot is home to a multitude of scams and services designed to take money from unsuspecting visitors. In Vegas, taxis and ridesharing services are no exception; it’s common for these transportation services to try to scam money from tourists on the way to clubs in Las Vegas. It has been and will always be the practice in the city. This is why we always recommend going with the free limo package to get you to and from the club safely. Only the free limousine service package will give you the best value for your money.

No Need to Fall in Line

Aside from the luxurious complementary free limousine ride that you will enjoy with the club’s exclusive entry package, you will get to enjoy a full waived entry. Meaning, you will not just arrive in a limousine, but will also be escorted directly inside to the club without stopping or paying at the door.
Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas will have their VIP hosts waiting for your arrival and will promptly escort you inside the club and to your VIP table. All of these perks will only cost you a price of two drinks.

Sapphire club’s lounge

The main lounge of the Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Sapphire

Premium Bottle Selections

Bottle Prices

If by some chance you failed to reserve bottle service ahead of time, then you can always buy any bottle from the club’s bar. However, the standard pricing of bottles in the club ranges from $500 – $765. Furthermore, you will always have to pay taxes and gratuity on top of the bottle price.

Thus, we STRONGLY recommend going for the prepaid packages to save more money on the drinks and instead spend your money on the girls and other entertainment.

Standard Pricing of Bottles

FEATURES of Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas: Main Room

Occupying the largest space out of the massive area of Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas is is the Main room.

In the main room, you will find the largest viewing place out of the clubs in Las Vegas. As you can see in the picture below, the viewing area features 3 massive screens where everybody can enjoy any sporting event.

Viewing area of Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas

Additionally, you can find the lap dance area and the main stage where dozens of hot strippers are dancing all throughout the day.

You can also access the main bar through this area.

VIP Room

Located at the back of the main area of the Sapphire club, and heading downstairs are the VIP rooms where you can private lap dances.

Champagne room

Picture above is the famous champagne room. As you can see, the room offers a very intimate ambiance that is not too tight and spacious – the perfect set-up for you-know-what.

VIP Room Pricing

The prices in the VIP room starts at $100 for 3 songs, $150 for 15 minutes and $200 for 30 minutes.

For best value of your money, we highly recommend getting the $200 for 30 minutes VIP session.


For premium rooms such as the Skyboxes, which will give you an overlooking view of the entire bar, expect to spend at least a few thousand dollars inclusive of the Bottle Services.

Sapphire has 10 of these amazing Skyboxes which will give you premium VIP treatment such as exclusive waitresses, staff and, of course, hot girls dancing.

One of the 10 Skyboxes of Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Sapphire


Sapphire is the only strip club that has Karaoke in all of Las Vegas. Just imagine singing your hearts out with Karaoke while you have sexy girls singing and dancing with you.

Depending on your package, you can usually reserve the karaoke room for you and your friends.

The Best Of The Best: Rockstar Table

The best is not just Sapphire but arguably in all of the strip clubs in Las Vegas is the Rockstar Table in Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Sapphire.

If you have the money, you can even enjoy a personal DJ shout out, a champagne toast and a round of 15 house shots if you buy the “Rock Star Package.” The package also includes 3 premium bottles and three hours of exclusive use of the table. Although, you can choose to spend more time and purchase more bottles and mix of services.

For more information and bookings on the Rockstar table, you can call 702-755-1766.

Food in Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas

While food isn’t Sapphire’s main forte, you will find their food and menu very respectable. They have the “Sapphire Feast” which includes 24/7 burgers, pizza, salad, vegetables and even breakfast meals.

On the other hand, if the food isn’t to your liking, which is not likely to happen, there is a Mexican restaurant beside the club where you can enjoy authentic Mexican cuisine.

Food Menu of Gentlemen’s Strip Club Las Vegas Sapphire

Dayclub and Pool

Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas has an exclusive Dayclub with topless pool activities during May up to August. Yes, you will have to visit the club during these months if you want to enjoy the events, but the experience is worth it. It’s reminiscent of what many would imagine a PlayBoy pool party to be like.

Dayclub Packages and Menu

For more information about their Dayclub packages and reservations, call at 702-755-1766.

Dress Code:

  • Slippers of any kind are NOT ALLOWED
  • Shorts of any kind are NOT ALLOWED
  • Baggy Clothing, Jerseys, Sweatshirts, Tank tops are NOT ALLOWED
  • Gentlemen or Business Outfit is Encouraged


To sum it all up, Sapphire club will definitely give you a LEGENDARY and UNFORGETTABLE time in Las Vegas. Not only will you enjoy “sexy and R-18 entertainment”, you will also experience amazing food, lively dances and performances, one of a kind karaoke, and of course, world class and premium VIP service.

Call now and book your visit at Sapphire StripClubs Las Vegas.

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