How to Get to Strip Clubs from Mountains Edge, Las Vegas

If you are planning on booking a grab car to take you to the strip clubs in Mountains Edge, Las Vegas, then by all means, please cancel it immediately.

Girls in Las Vegas Strip Clubs

If for some reason you haven’t heard or is unaware of the current fraudulent practices of the city’s Taxi drivers, Grab and Lyft contractors, then let me break it down for you.

For these drivers, whenever they encounter a passenger that is trying to go the strip club area, they will always immediately try to come with a weird script that will arrive at one conclusion – “Getting there is very hard, and you must pay a lot of money because we will take you there no matter what since we want to help you”. And of course, a lot of people even some local residents got victimized by this ongoing scam.

Truth of the matter is, it is really not that hard to go and access the area. However, admittedly there will be times when the streets will be too crowded for cars, but it will still not warrant a very huge fare (trust me, the taxi and grab charge will be too enormous).

Fortunately, we at Gentlemen’s strip club have come to your aid and have come up with the best transportation offer for you.


Limousine Ride to Strip Clubs

Here at Gentlemen’s Strip club, we take pride in treating our clients like true gentlemen. And true gentlemen need a luxurious ride, right?  And what could be better than a limousine or an SUV-type limousine?

When you book here at Gentlemen’s Strip Club, you will be able to avoid all the scams and enjoy a premiere VIP limousine ride PLUS more benefits such as; waived entry and cover charges worth more than $100 in.

Interior of our luxurious limousines

Waived Entry and Cover charges

When you book a free limousine ride which is usually a consumable $40 per person, you will also be completely avoid the entry (falling in line) and cover charges that you will need to pay if you arrive with a different transportation.